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  1. Best Target Black Friday Ads for 2018
  2. Target Black Friday 2018: Store hours, best deals; What time does Target open on Black Friday?
  3. Plan out your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping the smart way.
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  5. Target Black Friday Ad Analysis: Get a 55" 4K TV for Only $!

Best Target Black Friday Ads for 2018

Black Friday is now done and dusted, but that doesn't mean the deals are done. Many sales are still continuing, and even more are set to begin for Cyber Monday. While you may have to wait until Monday in the US for many of the new sales to arrive, one exception is at Best Buy, which is already offering early access to its sale.

Target Black Friday Deals 2018

While Black Friday hasn't officially, completely started, a range of deals are already available at a number of retailers. If you're keen on getting your shopping done now, a number of deals will be live in advance and many stores will be open on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. Here's everything you need to know about shopping for Black Friday They get you discounts on a wide variety of digital games, as well as PS Plus. There are plenty of physical stores you may want to hit up on Black Friday, and they all have different hours.

Some places, like Walmart and Meijer are open 24 hours straight, while others like Target and Best Buy will be closing during the wee hours of the morning. It can be quite a bit to keep track of, especially if you're the type of Black Friday shopper that likes to hit up multiple stores during the event.

Luckily, we got you covered and have a list of all the major retailers and its store hours.

Target Black Friday 2018: Store hours, best deals; What time does Target open on Black Friday?

As the countdown to Black Friday continues, more stores will reveal when they will be opening and closing, and we'll keep you updated. If you're looking for deals, check out our roundup of all the Black Friday deals , so far. Many of the stores do not list the closing hours for its stores, so you may want to check with your local retailer as hours may vary.

Here is a complete list, thus far, of stores you may be interested in checking out in alphabetical order, so take good notes before you brave the terror of Black Friday shopping. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? For Black Friday, most of the discounted prices below should be available on Thanksgiving Day, and picked up or purchased in-store starting at 7am local time on Friday Nov.

The retailer's doors open at 5pm on Thanksgiving and close that night at 1am. Then it will reopen on Black Friday, Nov. Online prices are valid through Saturday, Nov. Walmart's store event kicks off at 6pm local time on Thanksgiving, and the online deals start at 10pm ET on Wednesday, Nov. Prices are valid through Friday, Nov.

See it now: Wellbots Black Friday sale hub. Google and Google-owned Nest have announced a bunch of deals that will extend through Cyber Monday, with some sales starting as early as Nov. You may have noticed but these same discounts will be available from other retailers, including Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. As usual, Dell's online Black Friday specials feature the full breadth of Dell's product line, with the best deals usually coming as "doorbusters" that are only available for a limited time.

They may be second in global PC shipments , but HP isn't playing runner-up to anyone when it comes to Black Friday deals on its systems. The manufacturer's ad for its online store includes 16 pages worth of sales on a wide variety of laptops and desktops.

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Lenovo's Black Friday sale will see hourly sales starting at midnight on Thanksgiving and continuing through 8pm local time on Black Friday. The Microsoft Store is one of the best places to buy Microsoft devices and software online -- whether you're looking for a Microsoft Surface tablet, an Xbox gaming console, or something else. And this year is no exception. It even has deals on devices from other manufacturers. Last year some deals from them started almost immediately. You'll usually see ads from the big boys -- Best Buy , Target , and Walmart -- made public about a week later.

Apple has been notoriously stingy when it comes to any kind of sales on its products in general, and not even the yearly mania around Black Friday gets it to budge much. In fact, the tech giant abandoned discounts at its Apple Stores on Black Friday years ago, only attempting to entice shoppers with free iTunes gift cards with iPhone, iPad, and Mac purchases. Also: The do's and don'ts of giving holiday gifts to your coworkers TechRepublic. It's a tactic that other Apple partners have adopted as well -- you're now much more likely to get a store gift card from Target and Walmart when you purchase an Apple product than any kind of savings from the normal price.

Of course, at this price point, you are getting the barest of specs -- no HD screen, 2GB of RAM, a minimalamount of built-in storage, a slower processor -- that can handle Internet browsing and basic productivity tasks. Also: Photos: Cool gifts for bosses to buy for employees TechRepublic. There definitely will be a handful of legitimately great prices on items during this extended shopping period, often as a "doorbuster" special that may be available in limited quantities or for a short window of time.

But despite retailers' promises to the contrary, Black Friday prices aren't always the best of the year.

Plan out your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping the smart way.

In fact, product review site Wirecutter recently pointed out that of the more than 78, deals it tracked for Black Friday , only about were worth highlighting. You may notice that stores use the original or list price as the starting point, but that often isn't the price they are currently using to sell a product. Also: A guide to tech and non-tech holiday gifts to buy online TechRepublic. This tactic is fairly widespread, so you need to do your homework before succumbing to Black Friday fever.

We can help you determine the real deals and not-so-real ones as we report on the major tech retailers' ads as they are leaked. Make sure to come back to ZDNet often during the coming weeks to find out what the best sales will be for Black Friday For more great deals on devices, gadgetry, and technology for your enterprise, business, or home office, see ZDNet's Business Bargain Hunter blog.

Affiliate disclosure: ZDNet earns commission from the products and services featured on this page. Great gifts: 5 best TV streaming devices of Yes, you can buy a TV with streaming, but internet TV streaming devices are still a great deal. Here are this year's best to consider for your viewing pleasure. Work and play: Our picks for the holiday's best tech gifts. In work and play, do you always give it your best? Then you probably want to give the best gifts, too, right?

We've got your covered. Best gifts: 20 luxury gadgets for the billionaire who has everything. Money may not be able to buy you happiness -- but it certainly can provide you with some crazy technology and gadgets. Here are some of our favorite luxury gifts. Here are the very best accessories to help you get the most from your new iPhone.

16 Best Black Friday Deals At Target For 2018

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Target Black Friday Ad Analysis: Get a 55" 4K TV for Only $!

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